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On My Knees In A Prayer of Surrender

Updated: Dec 2, 2021

Hi everyone :)

Join me in a prayer of surrender and as I talk about how I pray. Praying to God and thanking him (and thanking Jesus and the Holy Spirit) and surrendering myself to him is something I do regularly because, well, he is God. So I'm reminding myself that he is Lord and also giving myself to him again.

Praying is a way to receive from God. I sometimes bow my head but other times I lift it up and lift up my hands to praise him and to receive from him. I go on my knees sometimes because in that way I am acknowledging God as God. And after praying a little in English (or French or whatever language you speak) then it is good to stop and listen. And he will speak back to me in my mind. Because remember that God made you and that includes your mind. He is perfectly able to speak to you through your own mind. So if you pray and be ready to receive from him and focus your attention on him in your mind then he will reveal things to you or remind you of things. He might remind you of a scripture verse (which means it helps if you read some bible verses regularly) or he might just say "I love you" or tell you to go and help a person or pray for a person. And he will so often be saying words of encouragement just for you.

If you surrender to him then you are opening the way for God to actually be your Lord and that puts you in a position to receive his words so much more. God is good and he wants us to spend time thinking about him and praying to him. Spending time thinking about him and surrendering to him will actually lift us up. His understanding and his ways and his peace will be imparted to us and we pray and love him as Lord.

Join with me in a prayer of surrender:

"Father God,

I surrender to you. I give myself fully to you God. Thank-you that you are my God. Thank-you that you made me. Thank-you for your blessings. Please bless me more. Please help me today and every day. Show me what steps I should take. Help me to remember that you are the light of the world. You light my path. I will let you lead me and show me the way I should go. Thank-you Holy Spirit. Thank-you Jesus. Thank-you Father.


God bless you and reveal all his love to you as you pray!

Lots of love from Ohroara :)

© Copyright 2021 Ohroara

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