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Artwork by Ohroara :)

"Yellow Birds Singing On The Island"

"Sunset At Lighthouse Island"

"Felicity Walk"  is my painting for Felicity

Felicity Walk painting by Ohroara Australin bush path birds lady

"Flute Player Stroll"

Happy Aboriginal Boy pastel painting by

"Happy Aboriginal Boy"

"Brown-eyed Man"

Brown-eyed stranger
Aussie Christian artist bird artwork

"Hiding in the Berry Bush"

I dug up some old artwork.  These were when I first started painting.

"Caught in the Leaves"


"Bird on a Twig"

Painting of a bird by Australian artist

"Beggars by the Warehouse"

Art by Christian artist Ohroara of begga

Australian artist

Aussie artist

Christian artist

bird art





Music video playlist here:

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