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Ohroara began singing and making up songs when she was young and has created many, probably about 500 or more, but this is counting all the tiny little ones that were more like a funny jingle and early attempts at a ballad. She sang gospel music for churches when younger but finally began singing her own songs once she was at uni. She sang in several music concerts and at some bars and clubs. Ohroara went through several periods of great turmoil that effected her so that she found it hard to sing for some years. She also had to learn to give her songs to God to make sure she was singing the right stuff (because she didn't always and now she is trying very hard to sing so that God is glorified).


It surely isn't possible to list all of her songs here...and most have never been released. But bit by bit, she will record her songs for you to enjoy. Here are some of her albums and some of her songs.

The latest:


Aussies Are Sexy (Retro Version)

Shining at Christmas (Nightcore Version)

Titanium Beach (Instrumental Version)



Album title:

Repeat Rezone

This is the fourth album by Ohroara and features all the songs from her self-titled album except the French songs.


1. Sun or Rain

2. Make Everything Right

3. No Kiss on My Lips

4. Shining at Christmas

5. You Washed My Tears Away

6. Shine Amazing Grace

7. Knight in Shining Armour

8. Saturday Cora Joy

Album title:


This self-titled album is the third album by Ohroara and was released in 2019.


1. Sun or Rain

2. You Washed My Tears Away

3. Make Everything Right

4. Mes Levres Sans Bisous

5. Soleil ou Pluie

6. Shining at Christmas

7. Shine Amazing Grace

8. No Kiss on My Lips

9. Knight in Shining Armour

10. Saturday Cora Joy

Repeat Rezone album cover by Ohroara
Ohroara's self-titled album

Some of Ohroara's older releases will be re-released in the future. Follow on youtube to enjoy good music through OVKOR. More new songs are new recordings are on the way. Subscribe below.

More great songs and videos at OVKOR on youtube

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