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Motto:  I live in the arms of God :)

Artist Bio

Ohroara began singing at a young age in churches and choirs. She was influenced by gospel styles and also tribal and island music due to overseas travel while growing up. Through university she worked with alternative bands and started recording pop songs. Later she cultivated her operatic talents. Pop music and alternative remain her favourite styles but she prefers for each song to have its own unique feel and to incorporate elements of other styles such as dance, opera, tribal, folk, and alternative.

Ohroara's Production

Ohroara is a singer, writer, music producer and video producer.  Her musical influences include pop, tribal, dance, folk and opera.  This blend draws on her foundation motto "in God’s arms" and her world experiences to produce unique songs aimed to stir your soul and for you to enjoy immensely the life you have been given.

Ohroara Loves

Ohroara loves the most:  God, children, and people.

Ohroara especially likes:  sunsets, picnics, ducks, Australian birds and guard geese.

Ohroara's favourite things to do:  sing, write, produce videos, eat, sleep, hug, laugh, pray, spend time with friends, and watch birds while having a picnic.

Ohroara is an independent artist producing Christian music, love songs and music videos.  She writes her thoughts on love in her blog as she searches for her special man.  She is a single mother who homeschools her awesome children.  She is learning about God's love for her day by day :)

Ohroara's Vision Statement

"My vision is:

1. to live, breathe, rest, relax, work, pray, speak, sing, prophesy, teach, and write in God’s arms and give God all the glory.

2. to provide artistic content that gives joy or hope or encourages fellowship or shows that life is worth living or shows how to overcome or demonstrates faith.

3. to stir the thoughts of people to consider their need for God or Jesus or the Holy Spirit or love or life or true friendship or faithfulness.

4. to consider the needs of Christians and non-Christians whilst keeping God as my first love and keeping in mind the church as the people not as a man-made establishment (and working with individuals, churches, groups and organizations when called).

5. to be strong, passionate and loving through God and for God.

6. to pray for all who follow me."

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