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Kitty Rain book back cover

Kitty Rain books available now :)


Christian books by Ohroara:

Kitty Rain 1: The Mystery of the Crying Moon

Kitty Rain 2: The Mystery of the Tall Fog

Kitty Rain 3: The Opal Princess Puzzle

Kitty Rain 4: The Mysterious Maths Thief

Kitty Rain 5: The Frog Puddle Investigation

Kitty Rain 6: Jane's Birthday Burglar

Kitty Rain 7: The Chase and the Coughing Coffin

Kitty Rain 8: Crisis at the Castle of Belkavia

Kitty Rain 9: Gum Tree Park Thief

Kitty Rain 10: Lost Scavenger Hunt

Kitty Rain 11: Byron's Barra Bay Beauty

Kitty Rain 12: The Kookaburra Code

Kitty Rain 13: Treasure Map in the Old Bible

Kitty Rain 14: The Emerald-Eyed Statue

Kitty Rain 15: Kidnapped in Australia

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Kitty Rain mystery books by Ohroara cover pics

Ohroara is a Christian singer, producer, and writer. Her songs include Sun or Rain, Make Everything Right, No Kiss on My Lips, Titanium Beach, Do You Know I Love You, and more. Her stories include the Kitty Rain mystery series which is an adventure-packed 25-book series. Born in Australia, Ohroara loves kookaburras, homeschooling, the beach, homemade food, and the Aussie bush. She enjoys mystery books, adventure, and the occasional sci-fi.

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