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My Beautiful Cat Called Shalom

Updated: Dec 2, 2021

Hi everyone :)

How are you going? I'm well and I would like to share one of my wonderful things which is my beautiful cat called Shalom. Shalom is not just like any other cat. I believe God made him for me as he is quite suited to me and my lifestyle.

He follows me around, very interested in what I am doing (in a sleepy cat-like way) but he doesn't want to get picked up all the time. He is definitely not a lap cat. I can pick him up for about two seconds, say hello, and then put him back down and he's happy for that quick interaction. There are a few other things that are very unique to him as you will find out from the video. He is a smart cat!

Now Shalom has special meaning for me too. Shalom is a Hebrew word that means peace. But it is not ordinary peace. It is peace with complete wholeness—nothing missing and nothing broken. Now that sounds like real peace. And that is what Shalom means to me. I believe he was a gift from God to remind me of God's love for me. God wants us to live in peace, with nothing missing and nothing broken because God is our provider and healer and saviour.

I hope you like seeing my beautiful cat!

Lots of love from Ohroara :)

© Copyright 2021 Ohroara

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