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I Gave Up Horses For God

Updated: May 29, 2022

Hi everyone,

I hope you had a good Easter. I have been thinking about Jesus and his perfect sacrifice. He gave up his life for me and I have given my life to him. But sometimes he also wants me to give up certain things in my life. One of those things for me was horses.

When I was very little I just loved horses and I dreamt of owning my own horse (or horses). So life got busy and I put that aside (plus I was never going to have a horse while I was a child). Once I got older I found that so many of my dreams got dashed to pieces. I ended up praying and asking God again and again if He could make some of my dreams come true and I began focusing on horses. Well in the end I heard God say He could definitely give me a horse. Yay! But then He asked me some questions like what would I do with a horse (ride it of course!) and how much time would I spend looking after it and more.

Well in the end I realised that there were other things way more important for me to do than to own a horse. God showed me clearly that I wasn't going to miss out on "fun" or "happiness" just because I didn't own a horse. Horses were not going to be the fulfillment I first thought and they would also take away from my own purpose.

Owning a horse would mean a lot of time in looking after them, not just the time I would spend riding. And even though I use horses for "good" and for "God's glory" (e.g. sometimes I've thought of having a horse ranch that people could holiday at and have a wonderful relaxing time riding) this wasn't God's best for me. There were other things way more important on his agenda.

So at first it seemed hard and like I'd done this big, enormous thing for God. But now, it's like, ho-hum, really? Come on! Jesus gave his life for me! Thanks so much Jesus. And thanks God my father. Now what does God really want me to do? That will give me the absolute best blessings from Him and that will make God and me the happiest ever!

Lots of love,

from Ohroara

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