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Lord Jesus, Brexit, and the One World Government

Updated: Dec 2, 2021

Hi everyone :)

Over the last week I have been reading articles about Brexit and the UK leaving the EU. It has been interesting the things that have happened to the United Kingdom. And it has obviously been hard in some ways. There is often hardship when someone starts a union with someone that they shouldn't have had in the first place. And even harder is then trying to leave that union.

And what about the European Union? Does it really matter if there is an EU or not. Does it matter if the UK joins with the EU?

Well in the book of Revelation in the Bible it speaks of a one world government. And as more and more unions and collaborations occur then the time prophesied about approaches. I really encourage you to read the book of Revelation. It speaks of what is going to happen with the one world government that is set up by men. And that time will not be good. There will be much evil in the earth.

Whenever a man wants to rule the world then you end up with a controlling government. Only Jesus is the one who can rule the world and have everything work out okay. Jesus saves and he is the rightful Lord of the earth.

If you haven't yet given yourself to Jesus then please do so now. Just believe say this prayer:

Father God,

I repent of my sins. Thank-you that your son Jesus came to pay the price for my sins. I receive Jesus as my Saviour and Lord right now. Teach me your ways through your Holy Spirit and help me everyday from now on.

In Jesus' name, amen.

Lots of love from Ohroara :)

© Copyright 2021 Ohroara

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