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Throw the #Singles Scene in the Rubbish!

Hi everyone :)

As a person looking on occasion at other unmarried people I have, in times past, become rather depressed. These are the reasons.

Firstly, just the fact that I’m single could be depressing. It almost feels like from the moment I was born I had this yearning to be married. Of course I didn’t go, “Yay, I’m born, give me some milk and a fiancé! Um can I chew on the ring, please?” Instead it has been a gradual realisation that I wanted someone and he wasn’t there.

Secondly there’s the fact that I desire to know who my husband is going to be and where he is. This is frustrating.

Thirdly, there is the meeting of other single people and still not finding “the one”. Again, frustrating.

Fourthly, there is the whole atmosphere of the “singles scene” (bringing at times a whole cascade of its own problems) which I find one of the most weirdest-feeling and erroneously judged states (I will go into that later) so that, when it comes right down to it, I often feel like throwing the singles scene into the rubbish! (Love the people. I've met some wonderful single people over the last few years. Just the whole stereotyping and pressure that comes into the singles scene is something I really do not like.)

Yes, I am single. I have no man by my side. So on one level I’m in it (to the eyes) but I’m not really of it.

It doesn’t define me. God defines me and I belong to him. I do belong to someone: God. I’m in the “singles scene” but I don’t belong to it; I’m in “God’s scene” and I belong to him. He is in me; the Holy Spirit is in me.

Did you ever feel like throwing the singles scene in the rubbish? Why?

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