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The Holding #Hands Specialty

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Some time ago I was discussing relationship books with an old gentleman and then from that I talked about the “holding hands” idea. He agreed that holding hands brings a closeness and affection that other forms of touch don’t bring.

I believe this is correct. I know of a couple, married for many years and still greatly in love and they will hold hands on occasion. To me it is a way of saying “I love you” and it has nothing to do with physical attraction.

There are many ways to hold hands, of course. I am not talking about forms such as handshaking, arm-wrestling or fighting: just pure friendship. So I can hold a child’s hand and say, “I love you.” I can walk them across the road safely by holding their hand. And sometimes I imagine God the Father holding my hand and guiding me where he wants me to go.

And perhaps that is it. That may well be the special aspect of it that really grabs my attention: that I am safe with that person, holding hands, saying, “I love you”. That I am loved, looked after, connected and together.

I dream of the day when I can hold a man’s hand and hear him say “I love you” and feel safe, secure, close and connected. I’ve never had that in my life. Wouldn’t it be…? wonderful.

Does holding hands mean something special to you?

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