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#Saved From 6 Foot Steel Jaws

Hi everyone :)

Today I got saved from 6 foot steel jaws. But first I was grabbed! Oh yes. It was horrible. There I was, doing an awesome job of pruning when―oh―I got grabbed by the big bad ladder.

I will explain with some detail. I managed to get into the stupid position of leaning against a ladder and as I moved backwards it closed on my pinky and I was literally pinned as I had my arm up over my head at a really awkward angle because I had been stretching and then relaxed my arm behind me. Except I didn’t relax then―certainly not―because I was caught fast. I couldn’t move enough to push the ladder and my finger was so squeezed I almost was fainting. I managed to call out (scream really) and someone came to my rescue. (Thank-you rescuer!) And I fell to the ground crying and screaming all in one, really not a very good sound as I believe it needed some cymbals and crescendo synth. Owww, owww, crash!

Anyway, I was so very grateful for being rescued, oh my. The great indent in my finger slowly disappeared as I managed to blubber “Jesus, Jesus, Jesus” through my sobs. And I wondered if my husband-to-be would ever save me like that. Not that I want to feel helpless and attacked by ladders on a regular basis―or ever. But just to know he would save me. If he could. He would release me from the steel jaws of death (um, pinky-squishing I mean) and throw the dragon-ladder away―far away…

Thank-you God for people that help, people that save and people that take away pain. Thanks Jesus.

Did someone rescue you this week (in a small or big way)?

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