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Hi everyone :)

This morning God told me to start a love and marriage blog. I know God has his reasons. I believe I will learn some things as I write and that others may too. So with this in mind I’m starting today and working it as a modus operandi for me to analyze thoughts, opinions and experiences of singles looking to get married and those who have already made it, what has worked and what hasn’t. I'm also hoping to express and reflect on my ideas of love, life and romance creatively.

I believe it will be a suitable platform for additional connection with people (me connecting with you and you connecting with each other). I have been searching various platforms and topics from chat sites to dating sites to tedious articles to humorous memes and finally God told me this was the platform and subject I was looking for. I am approaching it as a Holy Spirit-filled believer. I do not profess to be a great theologian. But I ask for the Holy Spirit to guide me. This will be an expression of my thoughts through my daily adventures, my (sometimes overwhelming) desire for love, and my dreams of marriage. I feel I can go into greater depths with this medium on a topic that I am thinking about with more than, say, twitter https://www.twitter.com/ohroara where I tend to be short and sweet (so here I can be long and sweet). If I share of my daily adventures you may hear about my geese, my car, my songs, and such while on my journey for love. But I am who I am.

I am a mother, a child of God still learning, an Aussie, and an observer and investigator of both love and marriages. Other things about me you may learn as you go. Please share and respond through social media (and on twitter I will look out for #ohroara after posting). If you comment I may learn something of you or others may learn something of you. And hopefully we will learn of God’s love, his great passion for marriage, and we will enrich other people’s lives with information and hints (from failures and successes) to bless the world around.

So this is my introductory blog about seeking love and a Godly marriage and keeping it strong.

I am not married…But I hope to be.

God bless me in the journey. And for all reading, God bless you.

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Ohroara :)

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