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My Brother Got #Married

Hi everyone :)

After the last red-bellied black zooming across the yard I’ve spent these holidays working on the fence some more. For those of you non-Aussies that red-bellied black is a very fast and venomous snake. I try to avoid them but really when you see one and then blink, they are gone. Still to keep my family and my birds (and me) safe, then fence-making has been a priority. As a consequence I have spent a lot of time outside this winter.

As I have watched the beautiful birds about the yard (with no snakes about since I think it is too cold this month) I have thought about marriage and about finding someone who is happy with me. The birds seem so content. They have been flitting around in pairs often, getting ready for spring and chicks. They don’t complain to each other, they just whistle and fly and do all the bird-type things.

And along with the birds making me ever so happy (since they are my favourite animals), there is also my brother getting married to his beautiful bride. As a single person, when someone I know gets married...oh it is so exciting...I jump up and down with joy.

I am so happy for them. Congratulations to you both. I would like to say a special thing for my brother.

You are a very generous, honest and faithful man and I am very happy that you are my brother. May God bless you and your marriage abundantly and may he protect you and grant you favour and a peaceful household.

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