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Even Better Than #Kissing

Hi everyone :)

What has the effect of no kiss until I’m married been so far? Well a new strength in me (which is God’s strength, really, and not my own) has risen. But I shall be more specific with some actual events and feelings that have changed.

In the fortnight after my decision there came 3 different offers from 3 different men to “go for coffee” etc. I rejected them all as I knew they were not the one God wanted as a husband for me. Then there has been silence since (in terms of offers). I felt like it was an immediate test but I was so focused on God that it was easy to know what to do. I have the confidence in God that he will show me the right man.

But why bother with the no kiss? Does it really matter anyway? To me, yes. And I believe God wants me to follow through. At first I thought it would be so hard. Now I think of it as not quite so hard and as absolutely necessary. (Not for everyone, I know. But for me I know it is what God wants.)

One of the main things I have found is that my desperation for earthly love has gone. Don’t get me wrong. I look forward to getting married and being able to kiss my new husband. Oh yeah. I do want to marry. I will enjoy kissing my husband. But my desperation for earthly love has gone because all my desperation was turned to God my Father, Jesus his Son and the Holy Spirit.

My desperation is gone because of 2 main things. I have so much more of God’s love that He has revealed to me. I know God’s love. And I know God is love. I’m secure in his love. And secondly because of his security I am confident that he will, at the right time, present a Godly man that I will marry. Yay! So since I trust him for that then I’m okay.

Whatever you are going through in love or life I pray for you to know God’s love for you―his deep and passionate love which is even better than kissing.

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