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Can A Man #Pray With Me?

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For me, the excitement of Christmas has not waned, excitement for what is to come. 2019 has already been filled with challenges and new acquaintances and much busy filming. And in the midst of it all…is God. Now with the start of the year many Christians around the world participate in prayer and fasting. It is a way of drawing close to God as we focus on God. During prayer early this year, I realized that, out of all the activities I could do with my husband-to-be, prayer is something that will be one of the best.

Of course I desire to do many other activities. I would like to have dinner with my husband, go to the beach with my husband, go to the mountains, read the bible, watch a movie, walk in the garden, fix the house, laugh, touch, smile, just look into his eyes and know that I am loved by him…

Can a man #pray with me?

But would a man pray with me―I mean really pray. Lots of people pray where others can see them. And a lot of it just seems to be “religious” as in they “have” to do it to be “good”. Or it seems like it is a show and they have to “look the part” of a very serious prayerful person. But that is not what I’m looking for. Prayer with the eternal God, the maker of the universe, the maker of me is a deeply personal and intimate part of the relationship. If I don’t talk and listen to God then it isn’t much of a relationship. If there is no intimate prayer then it is all just show. So if I tell God all my secrets, all the help I need, all the love I have for Him and what I can do for him and what he can do for me, can I also share that with a man? Can I get that close to a man? Have I ever really seen any couple like that? Rarely…

Many are too busy, too procrastination-prone, too stand-offish, too arrogant, too tired, too on-show, too separated. Yes, many people, though they be married still do not have the type of life I desire. They are married but so separated from each other that sometimes I wonder. And it seems obvious that they do not really pray together in any sort of intimate way.

And as I wonder of my dreams for prayer and intimacy I’ll end this blog here. I have to go and film some wildlife…but while I work I will also be praying…for a good husband…who will make the time to pray with me…with love…for God…for him…and for me.

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