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Brown #Eyes or Blue?

Hi everyone :)

Have you ever met someone directed by looks?

Once a guy told me that he “loved me” but that he really “didn’t want” someone with my "hair colour". I am quite happy with my hair colour. I believe he was shallow and definitely unsuitable. His idea of “hair colour” determined his feelings, his decisions, his ability to express love and his actions. Another time, in a church I visited, a different man prayed for his friend to get a wife of a particular ethnicity. It may have seemed like it was right to ask for that, after all, it’s what the man’s friend wanted (or thought he wanted at the time). But for me, even if I think I want something very particular, when it comes to choosing my husband, I will not be so shallow as to demand of God that he give me, for example, a red-haired, green-eyed Aussie with a Masters in aeronautical engineering. And it’s not because I don’t want someone like that. It’s because that is misdirected pickiness. And I do think that anybody (males and females) can have misdirected pickiness.

I do think it is okay to be picky. I’m picky. I do like friendly people. I don’t like arrogance. But when it comes to who I will marry it all comes down to three points. Firstly: I’m not going to limit God. Secondly: I’m looking for the spirit of the man that will be the very best for me. Thirdly: trust God.

Sure I have asked God for particular things about the man I marry. The list includes the following:

* He loves God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit

* He loves me

* He prays with me

There are more qualities that I would like him to have and these are for him to find out. The point here is I’ve not succeeded to find the love of a husband...yet. But as I have deepened my love for God, I’ve realized that I too can learn to look more at the spirit of a man. The couples that I see that have lasted and that still have a really good time with each other are the couples that do things together, the couples that pray to God together and the couples that look at people’s hearts rather than the outward appearance. And you know, I think God is big enough to get me someone who has a heart of love for me and doesn’t care that I have the hair colour that I do, the blue eyes that I do, the small height that I do and those outside things. Someone that wants to know my spirit...and how much I love him: that I may delight his spirit. And someone that I can get to know: that will be a daily infusion of treasure for me.

I trust God―that he can and will give me the treasured desires of my spirit.

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