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A #Mother Before A Husband

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Around the same time as I asked God for a good husband I also asked God for someone to be a mother to me. And this has happened. God has given me a really good friend who is an older woman who has become a mother to me. This has happened before I have found a husband.

The first reason I am talking about this now is to comment on the view which I, on occasion, come across that a person has to have a good relationship with their parents. Indeed I have heard some single people say that they won’t even consider dating/marrying someone if that person doesn’t have a good relationship with their parents. I don’t believe this is the right attitude. And this is why. I have met people who don’t have good parents. Some of those people just don’t have a good relationship with their parents because their parents are really bad for them. Also I have met people who have lost their parents or never knew them.

Whatever the reason, I think that I have met enough people that actually don’t have a (good) relationship with their parents but do have very good and meaningful and lifelong relationships (friendships) with others. And I believe that “good relationships” is the thing that is important. Though it would be good to have a good relationship with everybody and that includes parents, it is important to not be around people that are bad for you. But for those who are forced, for whatever reason, to not have a meaningful relationship with their parent(s) then I believe there is something they can do to amend this predicament: pray. I prayed to God for a woman who would be a mother to me. And I got that. Plus in getting that I have come to learn a little about her husband and it has helped me to see how a good man will treat a woman well.

The second reason for this blog is also to point out how good for me this has been to come before getting a good husband. Although I have been slightly impatient at times for a husband, it has been so good to have a “mother” first. This woman has helped me to feel loved, helped me to learn about people better, helped me to seek God more, helped me to have more confidence, helped me to check my motives, helped me to look to God when I don’t understand, and much more. So I would like to encourage anyone who doesn’t have a mother-figure in their life to ask God for one―a good Christian woman. But also to have a father-figure is very good too and I have been so happy to see how a good man will treat his wife with love and respect and gentleness and many smiles.

Above all, God is my father―yes God is first. But I spent a long time with no mother or father to talk to about God or life or anything important. People are out there to show the love of God to other people. So I am very happy that I asked God for a mother and he gave me both a mother-figure and a father-figure. Thank-you to you and your whole family for taking me in and loving me. I really needed that. I think everyone does.

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