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available now!

Ohroara album cover Australian pop singer


her self-titled album featuring:

Sun or Rain

Soleil ou Pluie

Shining at Christmas

No Kiss on My Lips

Mes lèvres sans bisous

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I am so excited to have recorded my first album for God.  The album is available here for you now!  Follow me on youtube, facebook, twitter, instagram, and IMDb to keep up to date.  Thank-you to all of my fans :) Lots of love, from Ohroara!

Jesus is my Saviour and Lord!


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Welcome to you :)

No kiss until I'm married :)

I'm still searching for love but along the way I've found my worth through God.  See my blog for more :)

I have to be here

in God's arms :)


My father God is my creator and I give myself to him with all my heart.  I enjoy his creation.  :)

Ohroara is an Australian pop singer, opera singer, music producer, video producer, writer, love-blogger, and Jesus-lover.


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